Here are the main shortlisted topics that will be presented at Java2Days conference:

Speaker Session
John Willis Java and the Cloud
Mircea Markus JBoss clustering solutions
Reza Rahman Java EE 6 Preview
Reza Rahman EJB 3.1 Preview
Reza Rahman Spring and EJB 3 Integration
Reza Rahman Relational Perspectives for Optimizing JPA
Rob Harrop Modular Web Applications with OSGi
Rob Harrop Advanced Concurrency Techniques
Heath Kesler GWT Tips and Tricks for Beginners
Heath Kesler Advance GWT Concepts
Josh Long Getting Started with Spring Integration
Josh Long JSF++
Josh Long Getting started with jBPM 4 (and Spring)
Andrew Lombardi Rapid Application Development with Apache Wicket
Andrew Lombardi Advanced Apache Wicket Development
Talip Ozturk Clustering your application with Hazelcast
Bruno Bossola Solid design principles
Vassil Popovski VMware and SpringSource: Brining Java to the Clouds
George Moykin Oracle JRockit – Extreme and Predictable Performance with Java
Anatoli Atanasov Building Efficient Application Grids with Oracle Coherence
Ice Penov Building scalable GWT applications
Gisele Consoline The Road of Eclipse 4
Ivo Penev Introduction to Jazz and collaborative development
Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine Get real with Java EE 6 – GlassFish v3 is swimming your way
Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine Is my J2EE/JavaEE application portable? Should I care?

We will continue to add more new topics and new key speakers to make the conference more valuable for you. So, visit our site and stay tuned with all news about Java2Days.


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