Our valued JUGs – Partners

Czech Java User Group (CZJUG)

Roman-pic-Cheh-JUG-100809Roman Strobl is one of the founders of Czech Java User Group (CZJUG). We want to thank Roman and all members of the CZJUG to provide support for Java2Days conference.

CZJUG logoCzech Java User Group (CZJUG) is an active user group regularly meeting in Prague at Czech technical University. JUG members benefit from many technical presentations, delivered both by Java luminaries as well as local community. The goal of the JUG is to share information about Java technologies, evangelize Java and educate the JUG members about various Java-related topics. Regular meetings consist of interesting tech talks by both foreign and local speakers.

Javasvet (Serbia)

Nemanja-Kostic-owner-of-JUG-Serbia-100809Nemanja Kostic is one of the founders of JavaSvet – Serbian Java User Group. We want to thank Nemanja and the members of JavaSvet for the support, which they provide about Java2Days.

Javasvet logoJavaSvet is the first Java community in Serbia with more then 1000 members. Founded in 2005 with the goal to gather and share Java knowledge among Java developers, experts and enthusiasts, to organize Java events and to become a leading knowledge & technology center in this area. Our aim is to connect with other similar know-how centers and to increase Java awareness in our region.

Tunisian Java User Group

Maher-Jendoubi-2-100809Maher Jendoubi is founder of Tunisian Java User Group (TnJUG). We want to thank Maher and the members of the TnJUG for providing support about our event – Java2Days conference.

Tunisian Java User Group logoThe Tunisian Java Users Group, founded in 2009, consists of business partners, application architects, technical managers, software developers, teachers, students, and new media developers that have a common passion in all aspects of Java Technology.

Java User Group Macedonia

jug leaderIce Penov is one of the founders of Java User Group Macedonia (JUGMK).

Java User Group Macedonia logoThe Java User Group Macedonia (JUGMK) aims to promote the usage and the overall awareness of Java technology in the Macedonian IT society. It is mostly a community-driven group, formally organized as a Non-governmental Organization (NGO) with defined structural and financial processes. JUGMK strives to become one of the main evangelist for Java technology and other open source technologies thriving in the Java development environment.

Java User Group Torino

ownerBruno Bossola is one of the founders of Java User Group Torino. We are glad that Bruno and all members of the group support our event.

logoThe Java User Group Torino is a group of friends fond of Java, programming, technology and computer science.This group was born to share experiences and information about the Java technology and to organize activities in order to study and divulgate Java technology, expecially in Torino, Italy, but including north-west Italy as well. The activity of the JUG Torino consists of mailing lists discussions, frequent meetings (where one or more argument are presented by JUG members – also coming from other Italian JUGs – and in participation in Java-related events in Italy.

Developpez.com JUG

logoDeveloppez.com is a french speaking online community not only covering Java topics. The Java zone (including Eclipse, NetBeans, and Spring zones), which is considered as a VJUG, provides forums, news, free hosted tutorials, blogs, etc., and collaborates with part of the french speaking JUGs.

Polish Java User Group

Adrian NowakAdrian Nowak is founder of Polish Java User Group. We want to thank Adrian and all members of the JUG for providing support for Java2Days conference.

logoThe Polish Java User Group is a group of Java technology developers and enthusiasts. The main goal of the group is to popularize Java and modern software development methodologies. Since the beginning in 1999, the group had great impact on the Polish Java community growth. Their main activities are meetings with students, programmers and project managers as well as conferences with famous professionals. Currently they are preparing GeeCON 2010 conference in Poland.

Poitou-Charentes Java User Group (France)

Jérôme PetitOrianne Tisseuil and Jérôme Petit are founders of Poitou-Charentes Java User Group. We are glad that Orianne Tisseuil and Jérôme Petit and all members of the group support our conference.logoOrianne-Tisseuil-150x150

Poitou-Charentes Java User Group organizes Java events in Poitiers, Niort, La Rochelle, Angouleme (France). Meetings are organized on a monthly basis, with one or two bigger annual events. Poitou-Charentes JUG office is homed at SERLI headquarters, Thomas Edison Avenue, Futuroscope Technopole, France. You can join us at team@poitoucharentesjug.org.

Lorraine Java User Group

Xavier RoylogoXavier Roy is founder of Lorraine JUG. We would like to thank him and all members of the JUG for providing support for Java2Days.

Founded in January 2009, the Lorraine JUG organizes conference meeting to share knowledge and experience about Java technologies in Lorraine (northeastern region of France). Hosted at ESIAL, a computer science engineer school in Nancy, the Lorraine JUG also aims at be a bridge between IT professionals and students. Our events usually gather about 40 people on a two-monthly basis for a 3-hour conference evening followed by a drink or a walking diner.

YAJUG – Luxembourg

logoWe want to thank Anthoni Schiochet and all members of YaJuG Luxembourg for their support of our event.

The YAJUG is a Java User Group that has been created in Luxembourg, having for objectives :

- Promote, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the technologies, applications and methods related to Java, as well as foster the associated open-minded culture
- Be the link, neutral and independent, between research, users and suppliers of Java
- Be an Agora dedicated to the exchange of experience and expertise gathering all stakeholders around Java
- As a Java user Group, participate in Luxembourg objective to become a hotspot for ICT development.