30-06-2010 The new website of Java2Days conference will be launched very soon. All information connected with the upcoming Java2Days 2010 – speakers, topics, pricing and other interesting news, will be available there. Continue reading

15-05-2010 The next edition of Java2Days will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria in the second week of October 2010.

For the next Java2Days 2010 conference we will do our best to raise the level of the event, to present the best of breed technologies, to invite great speakers Continue reading

01-05-2010 The vote chart for Java2Days 2010 comic’ heroes contest is already closed.

During the voting for comic heroes and their creators we received myriad votes from the fans via e-mail and Java2Days Facebook discussion. Continue reading

19-04-2010 The first position in the contest vote chart for the moment is Kristian Terziev. His comic heroes are most favorite to the audience. The second position is for Ani Popova and third for Martin Gulenov. Continue reading

07-04-2010 Now you can vote on the best selected submissions we received for our first comic heroes: Johny Metal Coder, Brainy Private_Casey and Pamela IQ Minder. Continue reading

26-03-2010 We have already started receiving the first ideas for comics’ heroes from the contest, announced three days ago. Continue reading

23-03-2010 EVENTSonTarget and Java2Days have just announced a contest for creating the first comics dedicated to Java Developers. Continue reading

The first new ideas for topics for Java2Days 2010 are already here. Take a look at the suggestions we have just received in the following directions: Continue reading

The preparation for the next Java2Days conference is already started. Now we are seeking suggestions for topics and speakers to participate in the Java2Days 2010. Continue reading

3 new presentations from Java2Days are published on Conference materials page now. “GWT Tips and Tricks for Beginners”, “Getting Started with jBPM 4″ and “Clustering your application with Hazelcast” are ready for download. Continue reading